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Tutermaa, 76617

Harjumaa, Estonia

About company

We are production company in Estonia, located 20 km from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

Our production area of 1300 m2 of two halls: machining (770 m2) and welding (530 m2). Our company was established in 1997 as a small machining workshop to produce metal parts for export to Finland. Nowadays we have 25 employees, turnover(2007) 1.1 mln €.

We produce wide range of metal parts, machine components and steel structures.

Our products exported to Finland ,Sweden & Denmark. We are working in subcontracting for different industries: ship building, paper making machines, mining, water treatment, etc.

  • Production area

    Our production area of 1300 m2 of two halls:
    machining (770 m2)
    welding (530 m2)

  • Presses

    Hydraulic presses : 3 pcs

  • Welding

    3 TIG
    3 MIG welding posts.

  • Milling

    5 Max. Ø of turning 600 mm,
    length 300 mm — Ø of turning 370 mm,
    length 1500 mm Milling area max 1500 x 600 mm.

We produce

We produce various metal parts and machine components for different kinds of machinery: lifting equipment, water treatment, mining,  paper making, wood & forest machinery, power equipment, punching machines, etc.

Our welding workshop makes snow scrapers, stainless pipe units & tanks, different frames and steel structures of light and medium weight.

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